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We are Christ Ecumenical Club (CHREClub).
Our Movement is Ecumenical - working for the unity of all Faith, Beliefs and of Mankind. So unfortunately, our research on this, has shown that unity of these aforementioned has become a thing of challenge, Inglorious and scandalous. And the Family of God are thus confronted with gaps of divisions rather than oneness that is the will of God. This therefore should now be a concern to us all.

More than ever before Mankind need unity as a family for the Glory of God to be fulfilled – “For any House divided against itself cannot stand”. As Action evangelical movement, we have chosen to participate in carrying this cross.

As a Club, we have crafted detailed Action Evangelical Programs towards addressing these challenges which we can share with you via e-mail. Contact us on


Our mission is to encourage and promote oneness in the body of Christ and among Mankind. We encourage Mankind living and communal spirit that gives hope and succor to the needy.


Our Vision is to make all souls interact in love with one and other

Aims and Objectives

1. To Open and run Recreational Centers for the purpose of using the proceeds to support the needy.
2. To Promote and Encourage Love in action among people of God.
3. To cater for the less priviledge in the society.
4. To promote the ideals of christian Faith which are love and peace.
5. To Promote Action Evangelical programs to encourage Unity

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